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FIND/47 is constantly on the lookout for photographs that present Japan's attractiveness from fresh vantage points. The photographs we publish are transmitted across the world, introducing people everywhere to Japan's hidden visual treasures. Once a photograph is submitted, it goes through a selection process that is overseen by professionals in a diverse range of fields. Images published on the website enjoy various perks if selected as a Photo of the Week or Quarterly Award.

Submission Process

  • 1. Sign up
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    Enter the required details
    to create a new account.
  • 2. Submit a photograph
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    Upload a photograph
    that you have taken. *
  • 3. Publication
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    If the photograph meets the criteria
    for quality and ethical standards,
    it will be published.
  • 4. Recognition
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    All images are eligible for
    Photo of the Week and
    Quarterly Award.
* Submitted images will be published on the FIND/47 website under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Selection Criteria

  • Features beautiful imagery and a clear sense of place

  • Evokes a narrative about the encounter with the subject

  • Instills a desire to visit the place or to simply go traveling

  • Offers a sense of discovery specific to that location

  • Provides a fresh perspective on a well-worn subject

  • Does not infringe the Terms of Use
    View the Terms of Use

* Photographs will be given an overall assessment based on the above criteria. Only those that pass will be published.


FIND/47 wants to publish only the best photographs that are sent to us. This is why we have assembled a team of judges
from a number of different fields, each of whom has, in their work, demonstrated a keen eye for Japanese beauty and culture.